3D Images / Animations / (Simulations)

Welcome on my Web-side

An old adage says: "A picture speaks a thousand words", and this counts in the age of Multimedia like never before. Unfortunately not everyone has the time, or the patience to create a Image or an Animation for an important Presentation like Bachelor, or Master Exam, or even for a Dissertation, or maybe you need to impress a sponsor for your new business. Or just a simple post processing of your .stl or .obj files, other CAD formats may be possible as well.

Modeling Objects for 3D printing is also available.

Please contact me with any Image or Animation requests or ideas that you may have. I have an impeccable understanding of physical processes and all the Information that you provide me for your Project will be treated as confidential, certainly.

For my work I use mainly the programs "Blender" and "GIMP", the hardware contains a Graphic-tablet a 3D Mouse and two Monitors for an excellent work-flow. The images will be rendered on 4.00 GHz I7 with 8 Threads and 32 GB RAM. Conversation can be maintained in English or German.

For any further questions or inqueries, please do not hesitate to contact me.